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GraspResult Class Reference

Describes the result of a single grasp. More...

#include <GraspResult.hpp>

Public Types

enum  TestStatus {
  UnInitialized = 0, Success, CollisionInitially, ObjectMissed,
  ObjectDropped, ObjectSlipped, TimeOut, SimulationFailure,
  InvKinFailure, PoseEstimateFailure, CollisionFiltered, CollisionObjectInitially,
  CollisionEnvironmentInitially, CollisionDuringExecution, Interference, WrenchInsufficient,
  Filtered, Skip, SizeOfStatusArray
 the possible discrete outcomes of a single task simulation
typedef rw::common::Ptr< GraspResultPtr
 Smart pointer to this type of class.

Public Member Functions

 GraspResult ()
virtual ~GraspResult ()
 GraspResult (const GraspResult &gresult)
 Copy constructor.

Static Public Member Functions

static std::string toString (GraspResult::TestStatus status)
 Returns textual representation of given TestStatus.

Public Attributes

int testStatus
double liftresult
rw::math::Q gripperConfigurationGrasp
rw::math::Q gripperConfigurationLift
rw::math::Q qualityBeforeLifting
rw::math::Q qualityAfterLifting
rw::math::Transform3D objectTtcpTarget
rw::math::Transform3D objectTtcpApproach
rw::math::Transform3D objectTtcpGrasp
rw::math::Transform3D objectTtcpLift
std::vector< rw::math::Transform3D<> > gripperTobjects
std::vector< rw::sensor::Contact3DcontactsGrasp
std::vector< rw::sensor::Contact3DcontactsLift
std::vector< rw::math::Transform3D<> > interferenceTs
std::vector< double > interferenceDistances
std::vector< double > interferenceAngles
std::vector< double > interferences
double interference

Detailed Description

Describes the result of a single grasp.

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