Namespace List
Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
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 NrwRobWork library
 NcommonVarious utilities and definitions of general use
 NserializationProvide generic handler interface for serialization purposes. To enable serialization of some class MyClass one could either inherit from Serializable or provide overloaded methods to
 NgeometryLoading and storing of CAD models
 NgraphicsGeneric scene graph related stuff
 NinvkinInverse kinematics interfaces and iksolver classes
 NkinematicsKinematic modelling
 NloadersWorkcell loaders and other loaders
 NmathMatrices, vectors, configurations, and more
 NmodelsWorkcell and device models
 NpathplanningPath-planning for devices
 NpluginThe plugin infrastructure, including extension and extension point mechanism
 NproximityInterfaces for collision checking and distance calculation
 NsensorSensor interfaces
 NtaskTask descriptions
 NtrajectoryTrajectory, path, interpolation and blending
 NrwhwRobWorkHardware is a collection of extensions to RobWork which allow RobWork to connect to real hardware
 NcameraCamera drivers
 NrwlibsExtension libraries for RobWork
 NalgorithmsVarious algorithms
 NassemblyAssembly strategies and task & result formats for assembly operations
 NdllDynamic library loading
 NluaA Lua interface to RobWork
 NmathematicaImplementation of the Wolfram Symbolic Transfer Protocol (WSTP) to allow communication with Mathematica.
 NopenglOpenGL drawing of workcells and geometries
 NosA collection of OS specific include configurations
 NpathoptimizationA collection of pathoptimization algorihms
 NpathplannersPath planners
 NproximitystrategiesProximity strategies
 NsimulationSimulation of cameras and other I/O units
 NsoftbodySimulation of beam models and other soft bodies
 NswigDefine helper functions and all the classes that are being wrapped by SWIG. The wrapped classes are defined as typedefs of other classes in RobWork
 NrwsRobWorkStudio is the visualization framework of RobWork
 NrwsimRobWorkSim is the dynamic simulation framework of RobWork
 NcontactsContact Detection
 NlogLogging system for dynamic simulation
 NsimulatorDynamic simulation
 NrwsimlibsRobWorkSim libraries: Physics engines, plugins, and script interface
 NbulletThe Bullet engine implementation
 NguiGUI elements related to RobWorkSim
 NpluginsRobWorkStudio plugins providing RobWorkSim functionality
 NrwpeThe RobWorkPhysicsEngine implementation
 NtestTest case library for RobWorkSim
 NrwslibsRobWorkStudio extension libraries