RobWorkProject  0.7.0
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rw Namespace Reference

RobWork library. More...


 Various utilities and definitions of general use.
 Loading and storing of CAD models.
 Generic scene graph related stuff.
 Inverse kinematics interfaces and iksolver classes.
 Kinematic modelling.
 Workcell loaders and other loaders.
 Matrices, vectors, configurations, and more.
 Workcell and device models.
 Path-planning for devices.
 The plugin infrastructure, including extension and extension point mechanism.
 Interfaces for collision checking and distance calculation.
 Sensor interfaces.
 Task descriptions.
 Trajectory, path, interpolation and blending.


class  RobWork
 RobWork instance which holds objects to be shared among multiple plugins. More...
struct  Traits
 this is a forward declaration of the traits class More...
struct  Traits< geometry::BSphere< T > >
 define traits of the OBB More...
struct  Traits< geometry::OBB< T > >
 define traits of the OBB More...
struct  Traits< proximity::BinaryBVTree< BV, PRIM > >
 define traits of the BinaryBVTree More...
struct  Traits< proximity::BVTreeColliderFactory::BalancedDescentStrategy< BVTREE > >
struct  Traits< proximity::BVTreeColliderFactory::MaxAreaDescentStrategy< BVTREE > >
struct  Traits< rw::geometry::AABB< T > >
 define traits of the AABB More...

Detailed Description

RobWork library.

All classes and interfaces in this group only have dependencies on boost, xerces and STL. It is considered the core of the RobWork project.