Here is a list of all modules:
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 RobWorkRobWork library.
 Common utilsVarious utilities and definitions of general use.
 MathMatrices, vectors, configurations, and more.
 KinematicsKinematic modelling.
 ModelsWorkcell and device models.
 Inverse KinematicsInverse kinematics interfaces and iksolver classes.
 PathplanningPath-planning for devices.
 GeometryLoading and storing of CAD models.
 ProximityInterfaces for collision checking and distance calculation.
 GraphicsGeneric scene graph related stuff.
 LoadersWorkcell loaders and other loaders.
 SensorsSensor interfaces.
 PluginThe plugin infrastructure, including extension and extension point mechanism.
 TrajectoryTrajectory, path, interpolation and blending.
 TaskTask descriptions.
 SerializationSerialization framework
 RobWork Extension LibrariesExtension libraries for RobWork.
 algorithmsVarious algorithms.
 assemblyAssembly strategies and task & result formats for assembly operations.
 proximitystrategiesProximity strategies.
 dllDynamic library loading.
 OpenGLOpenGL drawing of workcells and geometries.
 pathplannersPath planners.
 luaA Lua interface to RobWork.
 osA collection of OS specific include configurations.
 pathoptimizationA collection of pathoptimization algorihms.
 simulationSimulation of cameras and other I/O units.
 softbodySimulation of beam models and other soft bodies.
 swigDefine helper functions and all the classes that are being wrapped by SWIG. The wrapped classes are defined as typedefs of other classes in RobWork.
 RobWorkStudio Extension Libraries
 RobWorkSimPhysics based Simulation and Control of robots and sensors
 ContactsContact Detection.
 LogLogging system for dynamic simulation.
 SimulatorDynamic simulation.
 RobWorkSim librariesPhysics engines, GUI & Plugins, and script interface
 BulletThe Bullet engine implementation.
 RobWorkSim GUIGUI elements related to RobWorkSim.
 RobWorkSim PluginsRobWorkStudio plugins providing RobWorkSim functionality.
 RobWorkPhysicsEngineThe RobWorkPhysicsEngine implementation.
 RobWorkSim Test Case LibraryTest case library for RobWorkSim.
 RobWorkSim Extension LibrariesThis group should contain all extension points of RobWork
 RobWorkHardwareRobWorkHardware is a collection of extensions to RobWork which allow RobWork to connect to real hardware.
 cameraCamera driver wrappers
 canCAN bus driver wrappers
 crsA465Driver wrapper for the crsA465 robot
 FanucInterface for communicating with Fanuc controller through proprietary software from Gibotech A/S
 katanaDriver wrapper for katana robot
 MotomanIA20Driver for motoman IA20
 dockwelderDriver interface for the dockwelder robot based on ethernet
 PowerCubeDriver interface through RS232 and CAN bus. Works for eqrlier versions of the PowerCube interface
 sdhWrapper for SDH the 3-finger dextrous hand from schunk
 serialportMulti platform serial port interface. Rather simplistic but usefull for most stuff
 sickDriver interface for sick scanner
 swissrangerDriver wrapper for SwissRanger (early version)
 tactileDriver wrapper for Weiss tactile array sensors (early version only)
 Extension PointsThis group should contain all extension points of RobWork
 SandboxCompilable stuff under development should go into the sandbox group