File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
 AssemblyControlResponse.hppThe output from a AssemblyControlStrategy.
 AssemblyControlStrategy.hppThe interface for control strategies for assembly.
 AssemblyParameterization.hppInterface for a parameterization that can be used by a AssemblyControlStrategy.
 AssemblyRegistry.hppA registry of control strategies. The registry defines an extension point.
 AssemblyResult.hppA specification of the result from an execution of an AssemblyTask.
 AssemblyState.hppInformation about the trajectory of the objects and sensor information during execution.
 AssemblyTask.hppSpecification of a AssemblyTask.
 ATaskVisPlugin.hppPlugin for visualization of assembly operations.
 BallBallStrategy.hppDetection of contacts between balls. Each model can consist of multiple balls.
 control/BodyController.hppA Controller that use a PD loop to follow a trajectory generated from different target types. If the body is a Kinematic body then the velocities of the body is directly controlled, else wrenches are used to control the body.
 BodyMotionWidget.hppGraphical representation of the log entries rwsim::log::LogPositions and rwsim::log::LogVelocities.
 BREP.hppBoundary representation (or B-Rep) of a geometric shape, using a collection of connected surfaces, edges and vertices.
 BtBody.hppWrapper class for a bullet btRigidBody, that bridges between RobWork and Bullet.
 BtConstraint.hppAllows constraining the motion between two bodies in Bullet simulation.
 BtContactStrategy.hppDetection of contacts using the internal Bullet collision detector.
 BtDebugRender.hppDebug render for the Bullet engine.
 BtDevice.hppAn interface for Bullet devices.
 BtMaterial.hppUsed as body userdata to be able to determine friction and restitution on contact pairs.
 BtPlugin.hppA Bullet plugin that provides additional functionality to the rwsim::simulator::PhysicsEngine::Factory through the plugin structure.
 BtPositionDevice.hppA position device.
 BtRWCollisionAlgorithm.hppThe RobWork implementation of a Bullet collision algorithm, using the standard ContactDetector.
 BtRWCollisionConfiguration.hppA collision configuration that uses the btCompoundCompoundCollisionAlgorithm and BtRWCollisionAlgorithm to handle contacts.
 BtSimulator.hppA physics engine that uses Bullet Physics as the underlying engine.
 BtTactileSensor.hppClass for updating SimulatedTactileSensor from Bullet simulation.
 BtUtil.hppUtility functions that allows easy conversion between Bullet and RobWork types.
 BtVelocityDevice.hppA velocity device.
 CircularPiHControlStrategy.hppA AssemblyControlStrategy that can be used specifically for cylindric peg in hole operations.
 CircularPiHParameterization.hppThe parameterization used for the CircularPiHControlStrategy.
 ClosedFormIKSolverKukaIIWA.hppAnalytical inverse solver for the Kuka LBR IIWA 7 R800 robot.
 CollisionDetector.hppThe CollisionDetector implements an efficient way of checking a complete frame tree for collisions.
 CollisionResultWidget.hppGraphical representation of the log entry rwsim::log::LogCollisionResult.
 Constraint.hppA constraint is a mathematical model that constrain the movement between two arbitrary bodies in a dynamic simulation.
 ConstraintWidget.hppGraphical representation of the log entry rwsim::log::LogConstraints.
 contacts/Contact.hppA common interface for the most important data for a contact.
 ContactDetector.hppThe ContactDetector allows detailed control of the strategies used for contact detection between specific frames and geometry types.
 ContactDetectorData.hppContainer for data that is stored by a contact detector between contact detection calls.
 ContactDetectorTracking.hppContainer for meta-data that can be used to track contact across multiple calls to contact detector, and allows attaching user specified data to the contact.
 contacts/ContactModel.hppThe ContactModel is an interface for the contact models implemented by different contact strategies.
 ContactModelGeometry.hppGeneric contact model for strategies that find contacts between two different types of geometry.
 ContactSetWidget.hppGraphical representation of the log entry rwsim::log::LogContactSet.
 ContactStrategy.hppThe ContactStrategy is a common interface for different contact strategies.
 ContactStrategyData.hppContainer for data that is stored by contact strategies between contact detection calls.
 ContactStrategyGeometry.hppGeneric contact strategy that find contacts between two different types of geometry.
 ContactStrategyPQP.hppDetection of contacts between triangle meshes.
 ContactStrategyTracking.hppInterface for a container of meta-data that can be used to track contact across multiple calls to a contact strategy, and allows attaching user specified data to the contact.
 ContactTableWidget.hppA table widget customised for rwsim::contacts::Contact types.
 ContactVelocitiesWidget.hppGraphical representation of the log entry rwsim::log::LogContactVelocities.
 Curve.hppCurve is an abstract representation of a smooth curve geometry in 3D.
 Delaunay.hppUtility functions for doing Delaunay triangulations.
 DOMTaskFormat.hppDefinition of the identifier used in the task format.
 DynamicWorkCellBuilder.hppHelper for building Dynamic Workcells.
 EngineTest.hppGeneric test type for physics engines, which provides a factory for standard tests along with an extension point for user defined tests.
 EngineTestPlugin.hppA plugin for interactive testing of physics engines.
 EnterExpressionPacket.hppA Mathematica WSTP EnterExpressionPacket.
 EnterTextPacket.hppA Mathematica WSTP EnterTextPacket.
 EquationSystemWidget.hppGraphical representation of the log entry rwsim::log::LogEquationSystem.
 EvaluatePacket.hppA Mathematica WSTP EvaluatePacket.
 Face.hppAbstract interface for geometric faces.
 FactorInteger.hppRepresentation of the Mathematica FactorInteger function.
 ForceTorqueWidget.hppGraphical representation of the log entry rwsim::log::LogForceTorque.
 GenericFace.hppThe GenericFace implementation is a type of Face that consist of abstract Surfaces and Curves.
 HyperSphere.hppA hyper-sphere of K dimensions.
 sensor/Image.hppThe image class is a simple wrapper around a char data array. This Image wrapper contain information of width, height and encoding.
 ibs/mathematica/Image.hppRepresentation of the Mathematica Image function.
 ImplicitSurface.hppInterface for implicit surfaces. An implicit surface is given by an expression of the form $ F(\mathbf{x})=0, \mathbf{x} \in \mathbb{R}^3$.
 IndexedFaceArray.hppAn indexed face array is a proxy to a Shell, that makes it possible to easily sort faces and take subsets without modifying the underlying Shell.
 IndexedQuadraticFaceArray.hppProxy class for a QuadraticShell, that allows sorting of faces without modifying the original object.
 InputNamePacket.hppA Mathematica WSTP InputNamePacket.
 IntegratorGravityTest.hppTest for linear free-falling motion.
 IntegratorRotationTest.hppTest for rotational motion.
 IntegratorSpringTest.hppTest for the motion when an undamped linear spring is used.
 IntegratorTest.hppCommon parent class for all integrator tests.
 IntersectUtil.hpputility class for calculating intersection points between geometry primitives
 List.hppRepresentation of the Mathematica List function.
 ListPlot.hppRepresentation of the Mathematica ListPlot function.
 LoaderAssimp.hppLoad 3D models using the Open Asset Import Library (Assimp).
 LogCollisionResult.hppLog detailed info from a collision detection.
 LogConstraintForceTorque.hppLog wrench for constraints.
 LogConstraints.hppLog type for constraints.
 LogContactForceTorque.hppLog a set of contact forces and torques.
 LogContactSet.hppLog a set of contacts.
 LogContactVelocities.hppLog a set of contact velocities.
 LogEquationSystem.hppLog entry for a linear equation system $\mathbf{A}\mathbf{x}=\mathbf{b}$.
 LogForceTorque.hppLogging for forces and torques.
 LogMessage.hppLogging of a generic message.
 LogMessageWidget.hppGraphical representation of the rwsim::log::LogMessage log entry.
 LogPositions.hppLogging of body positions.
 LogStep.hppA special type of scope that is also a simulation step.
 LogValues.hppLogging of numeric values. These values will also be used for SimulatorStatistics.
 LogValuesWidget.hppGraphical representation of the rwsim::log::LogValues log entry.
 LogVelocities.hppLogging of body velocities.
 mathematica.hppInclude file for all Mathematica headers
 Mathematica.hppImplementation of the Wolfram Symbolic Transfer Protocol (WSTP) to allow communication with Mathematica.
 MathematicaPlotWidget.hppWidget for Mathematica plots.
 MessagePacket.hppA Mathematica WSTP MessagePacket.
 ODEConstraint.hppAllows constraining the motion between two bodies in ODE simulation.
 ODEContactStrategy.hppDetection of contacts using the internal ODE collision detector.
 ODEThreading.hppUtility functions related to the use of Open Dynamics Engine from multiple threads.
 OutputNamePacket.hppA Mathematica WSTP OutputNamePacket.
 ParallelLeg.hppClass representing a single leg in a ParallelDevice.
 ParametricCurve.hppInterface for parametric curves. A parametric curve, $ \mathbf{p}(t) \in \mathbb{R}^3 $, has its points given as a function of a single parameter, $ t \in \mathbb{R}$.
 PiHParameterization.hppParameterization of a Peg in Hole action, used by the PiHStrategy.
 PiHStrategy.hppControl strategy for a Peg in Hole operation.
 PlainQuadraticShell.hppA collection of concrete Quadratic surface patches, that together form a shell.
 Plane.hppplane primitive represented in Hessian normal-form: a*nx+b*ny+c*nz+d=0
 Polygon.hppindexed polygon class that saves N indices to the N vertices of the polygon
 PolygonUtil.hppUtility functions for operations on polygons, such as convex partitioning.
 Polynomial.hppRepresentation of an ordinary polynomial with scalar coefficients (that can be both real and complex).
 PolynomialND.hppRepresentation of a polynomial that can have non-scalar coefficients (polynomial matrix).
 PolynomialSolver.hppFind solutions for roots of real and complex polynomial equations.
 PrismaticSphericalJoint.hppA prismatic spherical joint that allows rotations in all directions and translation along one direction.
 PrismaticUniversalJoint.hppA prismatic universal joint that allows rotations in two directions and translation along the third.
 ProximityStrategyPlugin.hppA plugin providing proximity strategies for RobWork.
 QuadraticBREP.hppA boundary representation where the geometry of a face is a QuadraticSurface, and an edge curve is a QuadraticCurve.
 QuadraticCurve.hppA quadratic curve.
 QuadraticFace.hppA Quadratic surface patch bounded by Quadratic curves.
 QuadraticShell.hppA collection of Quadratic surface patches, that together form a shell.
 QuadraticSurface.hppA quadratic surface.
 QuadraticUtil.hppUtility functions for operations on quadratic surfaces and curves.
 Random.hppGeneration of random numbers.
 RawArray.hppRepresentation of a N-dimensional Mathematica array with fixed depth.
 RecursiveNewtonEuler.hppThe recursive Newton-Euler method is used for calculating inverse dynamics of a kinematic tree.
 contacts/RenderContacts.hppRender for contacts.
 RenderForceTorque.hppRenderForceTorque makes a visualization of forces and torques.
 RenderVelocity.hppRender for linear and angular velocity.
 ReturnExpressionPacket.hppA Mathematica WSTP ReturnExpressionPacket.
 ReturnPacket.hppA Mathematica WSTP ReturnPacket.
 ReturnTextPacket.hppA Mathematica WSTP ReturnTextPacket.
 Rule.hppRepresentation of a Mathematica Rule.
 RWPEBody.hppThe RWPEBody is a wrapper for a rwsim::dynamics::Body, which allows storing data in a RWPEIslandState instead of rw::kinematics::State.
 RWPEBodyConstraintGraph.hppManager that maintains lists of all bodies and constraints in the system, as well as maps of how the bodies are connected by constraints.
 RWPEBodyDynamic.hppThe RWPEBodyDynamic is a wrapper for a rwsim::dynamics::Body of dynamic type and is used for bodies that is influences by forces acting on them.
 RWPEBodyFixed.hppThe RWPEBodyFixed is a wrapper for a rwsim::dynamics::FixedBody and is used for bodies that do not move.
 RWPEBodyKinematic.hppThe RWPEBodyKinematic is a wrapper for a rwsim::dynamics::KinematicBody and is used for bodies that moves with a dictated velocity.
 RWPEBroadPhase.hppMaintains a broad-phase filter where bodies can be easily added and removed.
 RWPECollisionSolver.hppInterface for collision solvers that handle bouncing contacts.
 RWPECollisionSolverChain.hppA collision solver that can handle impulse chains.
 RWPECollisionSolverHybrid.hppA collision solver that handles collisions as sequential as much as possible, but reverts to simultaneous handling if sequential handling is not possible.
 RWPECollisionSolverSimultaneous.hppA collision solver that handles all collisions simultaneously.
 RWPECollisionSolverSingle.hppThe most simple implementation of a RWPECollisionSolver.
 RWPEConstraint.hppA generic interface that makes implementation of constraints simple.
 RWPEConstraintCorrection.hppCorrection of the position and orientation of bodies such that positional errors in constraints and contacts are reduced or eliminated.
 RWPEConstraintGear.hppThe gear implementation constrains how two existing constraints can move relative to eachother.
 RWPEConstraintSolver.hppSets up the equation system for constraint forces and solves it.
 RWPEConstraintSolverDirect.hppThe default constraint solver using SVD.
 RWPEConstraintSolverIterative.hppSolver for constraint forces that uses a iterative approach based on a SVD decomposition of the problem.
 RWPEContact.hppA special form of constraint that changes continuously during simulation.
 RWPEContactResolver.hppThe contact resolver is responsible for determining which contacts that are leaving, sliding or rolling. To determine this it uses a RWPEConstraintSolver to try to solve for different choices of contact types.
 RWPEContactResolverFull.hppSimple contact resolver that gives the solver a complete LCP problem.
 RWPEContactResolverHeuristic.hppA contact resolver that uses a heuristic approach for determining which contacts that are leaving, sliding or rolling. This method is not guaranteed to converge, but is expected to do so under normal circumstances.
 RWPEContactResolverNonPenetration.hppThe simplest form of contact resolver possible. The resolver only enforces non-penetration by resolving contacts as either leaving or sliding without friction. In other words, Forces are only applied in the normal direction of the contacts to make sure that objects do not penetrate.
 RWPEDebugRender.hppThe debug render for RWPE engines.
 RWPEDevice.hppThe RWPE representation of a DynamicDevice.
 RWPEFrictionModel.hppA friction model calculates friction coefficients based on the relative velocities.
 RWPEFrictionModelCoulomb.hppA simple friction model with only tangential friction that is the same and constant with respect to relative velocity.
 RWPEFrictionModelData.hppInterface for data structures used by RWPEFrictionModel.
 RWPEFrictionModelMicroSlip.hppA micro-slip friction model that models friction with hysteresis for small velocities, and uses Stribeck friction for large velocities.
 RWPEFrictionModelNone.hppFriction model for modelling no friction at all.
 RWPEFrictionModelStribeck.hppStribeck friction model with tangential friction that is larger for small velocities and then decrease and becomes constant as velocity increase.
 RWPEIntegrator.hppInterface for different motion integrators for rigid bodies.
 RWPEIntegratorEuler.hppIntegration of body motion using the Euler scheme.
 RWPEIntegratorHeun.hppIntegration of body motion using the Heun scheme.
 RWPEIsland.hppThe RWPEIsland engine.
 RWPEIslandState.hppStores the complete internal state of a RWPEIsland.
 RWPELinearOptimizer.hppOptimisation method for solving dynamics.
 RWPEMaterialMap.hppThe material map keeps a map of friction and restitution models for each pair of bodies.
 RWPEPhysics.hppThe RWPEPhysics engine.
 RWPEPlugin.hppA loader plugin for RWPE physics engines. It provides additional functionality to the rwsim::simulator::PhysicsEngine::Factory through the plugin structure.
 RWPERestitutionModel.hppA restitution model calculates restitution coefficients based on the relative incomming velocity.
 RWPERestitutionModelNewton.hppA simple restitution model with only linear restitution that is the same and constant in both normal and tangent direction.
 RWPERollbackMethod.hppThe rollback method calculates new guesses for the correct step size based on previous samples of the distance or penetration between objects.
 RWPERollbackMethodRidder.hppRidders Method for doing rollback.
 RWPEUtil.hppUtility functions for the RWPE physics engine.
 RWPEWorld.hppThe RWPEWorld engine.
 SBLInternal.hppSBL path planner
 Shell.hppA shell represents the geometry of an object as a collection of non-connected faces.
 SimulatorLog.hppBase class for a hierarchical simulator log.
 SimulatorLogEntry.hppA leaf log item with no children.
 SimulatorLogEntryWidget.hppA widget that is a graphical representation of a rwsim::log::SimulatorLogEntry.
 SimulatorLogModel.hppModel of a simulator log for Qt Tree view.
 SimulatorLogScope.hppA scope can have children, and the type allows hierarchical logging.
 SimulatorLogViewer.hppStand-alone application for visualization of internal data from a Physics Engine.
 SimulatorLogWidget.hppWidget for visualization of a simulation log.
 SimulatorStatistics.hppStatistics utility for automatic generation of data set based on a SimulatorLogScope.
 SimulatorStatisticsWidget.hppWidget for visualisation of rwsim::log::SimulatorStatistics .
 SphericalJoint.hppA spherical joint that allows rotations in all directions.
 SpiralParameterization.hppParameterization of a strategy that searches for a hole using a spiral strategy.
 SpiralStrategy.hppControl strategy for a Peg in Hole operation using a spiral search.
 StrategyLibraryDialog.hppDialog showing examples of the available assembly strategies.
 Surface.hppSurface is an abstract representation of a smooth surface geometry.
 TaskLoader.hppInterface for loaders of the task format.
 TaskSaver.hppInterface for savers of the task format.
 TaskSetupDialog.hppDialog for configuration of an assembly task.
 TextPacket.hppA Mathematica WSTP TextPacket.
 ThreadPool.hppA thread pool that can be assigned work.
 im/src/rwsimlibs/gui/ThreadSafeStack.hppClass implementing a concurrent queue
 ThreadSafeVariable.hppA thread safe protected variable.
 ThreadSimulatorStepCallbackEnv.hppAn extension to the StepCallback function defined in ThreadSimulator that allows saving additional environment/user data.
 ThreadTask.hppA task that facilitates the use of a hierarchic tree of tasks and subtasks.
 Timed.hppClass rw::interpolator::Timed
 TimedUtil.hppClass rw::trajectory::TimedUtil
 ToExpression.hppRepresentation of the Mathematica ToExpression function.
 UniversalJoint.hppA universal joint that allows rotations in two directions.