Deprecated List
Member Body::getGeometry ()
please use getGeometry(rw::kinematics::State&) instead.
Member BtRWCollisionConfiguration::getStackAllocator ()
Only defined for backwards compatibility with Bullet 2.81.
Member DynamicDevice::getVelocity (const rw::kinematics::State &state)
Use getJointVelocities() instead!
Member DynamicDevice::setVelocity (const rw::math::Q &vel, rw::kinematics::State &state)
Use setJointVelocities() instead!
Member GraspTask::TestStatus
Use GraspResult::TestStatus instead.
Member GraspTask::toString (GraspResult::TestStatus status)
Use GraspResult::toString() method instead.
Member InertiaMatrix< T >::BoostBase
Users should migrate to the Base type based on Eigen.
Member InertiaMatrix< T >::InertiaMatrix (const boost::numeric::ublas::matrix_expression< R > &r)
Please consider using Eigen matrices instead.
Class Lua
This class is marked for removal.
Member rw::kinematics::StateStructurePtr
Please use StateStructure::Ptr instead!
Member rw::loaders::ImageFactory
Please use ImageLoader::Factory instead.
Member rw::loaders::WorkCellFactory
Please use WorkCellLoader::Factory instead.
Member rwlibs::opengl::RenderImagePtr
Use RenderImage::Ptr instead. This type will be removed sometime in the future.
Member rwlibs::opengl::RenderPointCloudPtr
Use RenderPointCloud::Ptr instead. This type will be removed sometime in the future.
Member rwlibs::simulation::FrameGrabber25DPtr
Please use FrameGrabber25D::Ptr instead.
Member rwsim::sensor::BodyContactSensorPtr
Please use BodyContactSensor::Ptr instead.