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WorkCellLoader Class Referenceabstract

Defines an interface. More...

#include <WorkCellLoader.hpp>

Inherited by TULLoader, and XMLRWLoader.


class  Factory
 a factory for WorkCellLoader. This factory also defines an extension point for workcell loaders. More...

Public Types

typedef rw::common::Ptr< WorkCellLoaderPtr
 smart pointer of WorkCellLoader

Public Member Functions

virtual ~WorkCellLoader ()
virtual models::WorkCell::Ptr loadWorkCell (const std::string &filename)=0
 load a workcell from file More...
virtual void setScene (rw::graphics::WorkCellScene::Ptr scene)
 set the scene that is used to create drawable models More...
virtual rw::graphics::WorkCellScene::Ptr getScene ()
 get the scene used to create a drawable scene More...

Protected Member Functions

 WorkCellLoader ()
 WorkCellLoader (rw::graphics::WorkCellScene::Ptr scene)
 Constructor with a drawable scene. More...

Detailed Description

Defines an interface.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ WorkCellLoader()

Constructor with a drawable scene.

scene[in] a workcell scene.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getScene()

virtual rw::graphics::WorkCellScene::Ptr getScene ( )

get the scene used to create a drawable scene


◆ loadWorkCell()

virtual models::WorkCell::Ptr loadWorkCell ( const std::string &  filename)
pure virtual

load a workcell from file

filename[in] path to workcell file

Implemented in XMLRWLoader, and TULLoader.

◆ setScene()

virtual void setScene ( rw::graphics::WorkCellScene::Ptr  scene)

set the scene that is used to create drawable models

scene[in] scene factory

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