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ColladaLoader Class Reference

Enables loading Collada as a WorkCell. More...

#include <ColladaLoader.hpp>

Inherits WorkCellLoader.


struct  ParserState

Public Member Functions

 ColladaLoader (const std::string &schemaFileName="")
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~ColladaLoader ()
rw::models::WorkCell::Ptr loadWorkCell (const std::string &filename)
 parse filename More...
rw::models::WorkCell::Ptr loadWorkCell (std::istream &instream)
 parse input from instream More...
rw::models::WorkCell::Ptr loadWorkCell (xercesc::DOMElement *element)
 load in path in element. More...
rw::models::WorkCell::Ptr getWorkCell ()
 get the workcell that was previously loaded More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from WorkCellLoader
virtual ~WorkCellLoader ()
virtual void setScene (rw::graphics::WorkCellScene::Ptr scene)
 set the scene that is used to create drawable models More...
virtual rw::graphics::WorkCellScene::Ptr getScene ()
 get the scene used to create a drawable scene More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from WorkCellLoader
typedef rw::common::Ptr< WorkCellLoaderPtr
 smart pointer of WorkCellLoader
- Protected Member Functions inherited from WorkCellLoader
 WorkCellLoader ()
 WorkCellLoader (rw::graphics::WorkCellScene::Ptr scene)
 Constructor with a drawable scene. More...

Detailed Description

Enables loading Collada as a WorkCell.

Not all features of Collada is supported in the WorkCell format and as such these are not parsed

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ColladaLoader()

ColladaLoader ( const std::string &  schemaFileName = "")


schemaFileName[in] Name of the schema to use. If empty it will use the schema specified in the XML-file if available.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getWorkCell()

rw::models::WorkCell::Ptr getWorkCell ( )

get the workcell that was previously loaded


◆ loadWorkCell() [1/3]

rw::models::WorkCell::Ptr loadWorkCell ( const std::string &  filename)

parse filename

filename[in] The file to load

Implements WorkCellLoader.

◆ loadWorkCell() [2/3]

rw::models::WorkCell::Ptr loadWorkCell ( std::istream &  instream)

parse input from instream

It is possible to specify whether to use the default schema which is the default behavior. If a schema is specified in the XML-file or no schema should be used set useDefaultSchema to false.

Throw rw::common::Exception if reading the path fails

instream[in] The input stream to read from

◆ loadWorkCell() [3/3]

rw::models::WorkCell::Ptr loadWorkCell ( xercesc::DOMElement *  element)

load in path in element.

No validation is applied hence the syntax of the element is assumed correct.

If loading the path fails an exception is thrown

element[in] DOMElement representing the path

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